Getting there

Pranburi Kitesurf instructor training school and shop

If you are arriving by air to Bangkok (Suvarnhabhumi International Airport) you get take the bus or taxi. Pranburi is about 3-4 hours southwest of Bangkok.


There is an airport bus service that can get you to Hua Hin. We can arrange a taxi for the remainder of the journey about 30mins
Hua Hin airport bus


If you need to book a taxi please send us an e-mail. The rate is approximately 3,000 THB (75 EURO / 100 USD) for a single trip. If you haven’t booked accommodation yet contact us for a special discount with any of the resorts we are working with (find them under accommodation in the menu).

Tip: Alternatively take tranportation to Hua Hin first


If you are arriving from elsewhere in Thailand there is a train station in Pranburi. It connects to Bangkok and the south of Thailand. We will pick you up at the train station for a small fee.

Getting around in Pranburi


Bicycles can be rented are kept in tip top shape by the vendors.


This is the most common transportation in Thailand. From 100 cc (smaller bikes such as; Honda Click, Honda Wave, Honda Dream, Yamaha Nouvo, Yamaha Mio etc), to Harley Davidson. Prices range from 200 THB per day and up. Please, for your own safety, use a helmet and do never drive under the influence of alcohol. You should have an international driving permit or the police can fine you 200 Baht.


Car – you can rent a jeep or a car. Prices start from about 1000 Baht a day.


Very convenient. Ask for the price in advance. The prices usually start from about 500 baht round trip to Hua Hin. We have our own van and driver – please contact us for a completely hassle free ride with a friendly driver!


Traffic in Pranburi is very slow compared with the rest of Thailand, especially on the beach road. You can walk comfortably along the beach and around town.